Abbotsford Fixture Installation / Replacement

Everyone has experienced that annoying drip that can originate from a faucets spout. Besides the torturous noise that the drip can make one may see a significant difference on their water bill. A leaking faucet should be addressed right away.

On the surface a faucet repair or installation may seem to be very simple. In reality this type of repair can be extremely aggravating and take lots of time.

Upgrading faucets and fixtures is also our specialty. We can help you replace faucets and fixtures either when they are damaged beyond repair or if you simply wish to upgrade them to fit your style. Regardless of your need, Jeff’s Plumbing can help. We can assist with a new kitchen and bathroom faucets, and can also help you upgrade other plumbing fixtures to give you the look and feel you’ve always wanted.

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