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Plumbing Services

Fair price, prompt service, my knowledge and experiences with an explanation of services rendered. We do high quality installations with a sense of pride like each home is our own.

leak repair Abbotsford

leak repair, blockage removal

If you have a major leak or a burst pipe, you need to call in an expert immediately. Water leaks and burst pipes will damage your home and have the potential to be dangerous

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Installation of drainage and venting

At Jeff's Plumbing we know how to take care of your drain replacement project from start to finish.

emergency plumber Abbotsford

Storm drainage/drain tile/catch basins

During heavy rains, especially in low lying areas, there are piping conditions that can allow for the storm water to mix with waste water, causing a raw sewage situation in people’s homes. we’ll come out and clear your clogged drains..

Hot water tanks, pressure reducer, shutoff, water meter, water service replacements

The hot water system in your home is more than just a hot water heater and storage tank. Hot water systems are intricate plumbing setups with a variety of moving and non-moving parts. If you are experiencing issues anywhere in your hot water system call Jeff's Plumbing today.